"Cannes means a lot to me. I’m basically aiming for everything to get into Cannes."

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On his favorite Twilight line.

kristen-inspiration said:
well for some reason i liked the trailer a lot and i wasn't expecting that...but i felt deeply deeply in love with the song. this version of crazy in love i think is better that the previous one..i got addicted to the song actually i don't know...

Me too!! the song is perfect! :D

And yeah, I think a lot of people were (and will be) surprised about it… You know, sometimes we don’t even give a chance to something because we already have ideas about it and then… BOOOM, everything explodes in your face and you love every minute of it… hahahaha… I know a lot of people who are ashamed to say that they’re 50 shades fans… But I don’t think they should be. It’s ok, some people will hate it, some will mock the fans, but so what? in the end of the day, nothing of this matters anyway… and in a few years no one will care if you were a fan or not… so yeah… i dont even know what im saying anymore… bye LOL

kristen-inspiration said:
did you see 50 shades of grey trailer???if yeah did you like?

Yeaah, I’ve seen it! It’s everywhere, right? haha People talked about nothing else this week!! I liked it! I haven’t read the books, it’s not really my thing, but from what I remember from the fanfic I think they’re very loyal to the story, so… I hope the fans are happy.

(and helloooo, Beyoncé in the soundtrack!! yaaay!).

Did you like it? :)


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